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"...Be patient. Just like life itself, not everything happens when you want it. Things will take place at the right moment.

Be yourself and show it in your art, that is the most unique quality and true value of your work.

Make your next piece better than the one before, that way you never stop growing.

Always be kind and caring to others. Always be supportive. Others are going through the same things as you are...."

From the interview by Alenxandre Lores with Atefeh Sadr, her Art, her life and inspiration.

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"...For Atefeh, creating art is life itself. It is making peace with your past while you enjoy every present moment to create the future. This is the ultimate way to grow and prosper and enjoy life...

She wants to show that happiness and misery of people come mainly from within, how we look at the world and what we choose to remember and believe. Just like what Rumi says in discovering one’s supreme self and finding the ultimate heaven and hell inside oneself. Once we see and love ourselves for who we really are, we’ll look at the hardships and failures as the necessary steps to grow. And the person who embraces this, would never undervalue him/herself or lose faith..."

From the interview by RealMissNFT with Atefeh about her journey as an artist and her NFT works

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